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Department of Mathematics & Statistics

MS 476, Math Sciences Building
University of Calgary
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Calgary, AB T2N 1N4 Canada
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Undergraduate Programs

Actuarial Science

Practitioners of Actuarial Science  (ACSC), also known as actuaries, construct models and solutions for financial, business, and societal problems involving uncertain future events. They are often described as financial architects and social mathematicians.

Applied Mathematics

Applied Mathematics (AMAT) attempts to use mathematics to quantify and solve problems which arise in the investigation of the physical world and human enterprise.  It is also the study and further development of those areas of mathematics that have proven the most useful in solving real world problems or seem to offer promise for present problems.

General Mathematics

The emphasis of the General Mathematics Program is on the breadth of mathematical knowledge. Specifically, students in the General Mathematics program have increased flexibility in selecting courses to meet their program requirements. This makes it highly attractive for students who wish to pursue another academic field of study to complement General Mathematics.

Pure Mathematics

Pure Mathematics (PMAT)  attends to the development and exploration of structures and techniques that address a vast array of questions and problems in mathematics and the sciences. General methods, powerful ideas that are widely applicable, and theories that capture an elegance of design revealing a deeper richness and unity within mathematics are the primary focus.


Statistics (STAT) is the science of collecting, organizing, and interpreting numerical facts. The program focuses on the understanding of statistical reasoning and the application of Statistics to real-world situations. Statisticians assist in the gathering information about the world around us and interpret that information in meaningful ways.

Combined Programs

The Department of Mathematics and Statistics offers a number of combined degrees both with other departments within the Faculty of Science and other Faculties. In most cases, students must satisfy the conditions of both programs in order to earn a combined degree. Follow this link for more information.

Minor Programs

Even if you choose not to pursue Mathematics and Statistics as a major, the Department offers a number of Minor programs. Satisfying the requirements for the Minor in Mathematics can provide you with additional instruction to support your major program. Please click here for further information.