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K-12 Contests

School Contests

Alberta High School Mathematics Contest A two part competition taking place in November and February of each school year. All students who enroll in a high school program in Alberta or the North West Territories are eligible.
American Mathematics Competitions Contests AMC->8, AMC->10 and AMC->12 at the grade 8, 10, and 12 levels.
Canadian Mathematics Competition Several contests for grades 7 to 12 from the University of Waterloo. Alberta high schools wishing to enter any of these contests should contact Robert Woodrow at the University of Calgary
Canadian Open Mathematics Challenge (COMC) This is the main contest sponsored by the Canadian Mathematical Society. Through this link you can find out about this high school contest, the Canadian Mathematical Olympiad, and some others. The COMC is the main way to qualify to write the CMO, although the top students in the Alberta High School Math Competition Part II also qualify for the CMO.
The Kangaroo contest For Grades 3-12, held in Calgary at Mount Royal College each spring. Interested persons can contact /Mariya Svishchuk/ (MRC) at
Mathematica Canadian, organized in Quebec, for Grades 3 to 9.
Math League For grades 4 to 12.
Virtual Mathematical Marathon A free online contest from Université de Moncton running all year, for grades 3 to 12. Available also in French.
Mathematical Olympiads for Elementary and Middle Schools Contests held five times a year, at two levels, grades 4-6 and grades 7-8
American Scholastic Mathematics Association Annual Math Contest Short contests held six times a year. Separate Junior and Senior High School contests.
Abacus International Math Challenge For grades 3 to 8. This is an email contest that runs 8 times a year
Tournament of the Towns For high school and junior high school students. This very tough and long contest is now written in Calgary twice a year. For more information contact Michael Cavers at the University of Calgary.
The Mandelbrot Competition A high school contest with a Team portion.
HiMCM: the High School Mathematical Contest in Modeling A contest for teams of up to four students.
The Purple Comet Middle/High School Mathematics Meet An internet-based team competition with two levels: grade 8 and under, and grade 9-12.
The Yau High School Mathematics Awards A project-based team competition for high school students.


Math Problems and Activities

Math Nites Evenings of interesting and challenging math problems at the high school level for interested students.
SMARTS Network Information on science contests, fairs and other events
Crux Mathematicorum with Mathematical Mayhem, A Canadian math problems magazine and the best one in the world!
Pi In The Sky A Western Canadian math magazine for students.
Plus Magazine A British math magazine for students.
Loci A math magazine mostly for teachers, from the Mathematical Association of America.
Math Horizons A student math magazine from the Mathematical Association of America.
Math Central Ask questions, get information. From the University of Regina.
Eric Weisstein's World of Mathematics Everything you wanted to know about math.
Count On Games, problems, lots of stuff.
Math is Fun For younger students mostly.
Grey Labyrinth Puzzles
nrich Problems, games and articles on math.