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Department of Mathematics & Statistics

MS 476, Math Sciences Building
University of Calgary
2500 University Dr NW
Calgary, AB T2N 1N4 Canada
T. 403.220.5203
F. 403.282.5150

Community Outreach

The Department’s Commitment

The Department of Mathematics and Statistics is committed to fostering the development of the larger communities of the University, the City of Calgary, and the Province of Alberta. Many of our faculty and students contribute an extensive amount of time and energy toward nurturing the “developing mathematician” in our local communities.

Math Contests with Math Department Involvement

CMS Regional Math Camp

The CMS Regional Math Camp (Alberta) brings together mathematically inclined school students in Alberta with the goal of providing opportunities for networking and training in mathematics and mathematical problem solving.  Find out more...

Alberta High School Math Competition

The Alberta High School Math Competition is a two-part competition taking place in November and February each school year. Winners in the first-half receive book prizes, and winners in the second-half receive cash prizes and scholarships.

Junior Math Contest

The Junior Math Contest is a 90-minute mathematics contest that takes place every spring. While the exam is primarily for Grade 9 students, all junior high students attending schools in Calgary and surrounding districts are eligible. Participants write the exam in their own school.

Prizes are available for both schools and individuals and include trophies, medals, a cash award to the student achieving the highest mark. Top students and their teacher sponsors are invited to the awards banquet at the University of Calgary.

In March, Junior High Schools in the Calgary area receive contest registration information. Our registration material is not normally directed to elementary schools, but if any school feels they have one or more exceptional students who could benefit from our contest, we invite them to enter as well.

See our Junior Math Contest Archive of Contest Exams, Exam Solutions, Contest Results and Photos!

Important Dates:

  • Application Deadline:  March 17,  2017
  • Contest Date:  May 3, 2017
  • Marking Session: May 17, 2017
  • Awards Banquet: June 12, 2017

To Enter, please consult the following documents:

For more information concerning the Junior Math Contest, please contact Rosanna Walsh at or
call (403) 220-5210

N.B. L'examen est aussi disponible en français.


The Calgary Junior High School Mathematics Contest is sponsored by:

Other K-12 Math Contests

The Department of Mathematics and Statistics participates and facilitates a number of other Mathematics Competitions - Find out more!

Math Enrichment Activities

Math Nite

Do you like math? Are you good at it? Would you like to be even better? Want to try something outside of the curriculum? Then you should check out Math Nite.

Math Nite is a fun, interactive event for students in grades 9 through 12 (although exceptional and sufficiently mature students from younger grades are invited, and we often have a number of bright grade 7 and 8 students) who excel in mathematics and want to try something more challenging. A good guideline is that any student attending our sessions should already have knowledge of basic algebra.

Some of our most enthusiastic faculty and students run these fun, informal sessions during the Fall and Winter semesters. We also invite parents and teachers to attend (or participate!).

What We Do

In these sessions we often present problems that encourage experimentation and/or collaboration. In general, our sessions do not depend on each other. A student can attend at any time and not be "lost'' or "behind''.

We do NOT teach mathematics that students would see in their school courses, either in their grade or in later grades. (In particular, we are not a remedial service.) The students learn math from us that is not covered by school curriculum at all.

If you know of students who would enjoy our sessions, please encourage them to attend at least once.

How You Can Join Us

Please call ahead!!  Sessions may be cancelled due to insufficient participation.

Occasionally a teacher will bring a group of students to one of our sessions as an "outing''.  We encourage this!

However, it would be convenient to get some advance notice, say the day before, if the group is larger than two or three students. Phone or e-mail one of us (see contacts listed above), or fax us at 403-282-5150. Smaller groups, or individual students, need not "register'' or give us any advance notice.

Math Puzzles from the Galileo Network, Faculty of Education

Together with the Faculty of Education, the Department of Mathematics and Statistics participates in the Galileo Educational Network, which provides math puzzles for teachers to use at math fairs and other events, and other learning resources. View further information on the Galileo Network.

Math Problems Journal with Math Department Involvement

Regularly, faculty members from the Department of Mathematics and Statistics contribute to Crux Mathematicorum, an international journal that provides math problems to assist secondary and undergraduate students develop their math skills. The journal includes a section, “Olympiad Corner,” that provides specific training for students competing in math competitions.