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Most junior level Mathematics courses require a prerequisite course from the Alberta High School system (Math 30-1 or Pure Mathematics 30 or equivalent). Specific courses require a minimum grade in this prerequisite. For details on the prerequisites for each mathematics course, please consult the University Calendar course descriptions (ACSC, AMAT , MATH , PMAT, STAT ).   The Department of Mathematics and Statistics lists some First Year Mathematics Prerequisite alternatives below.

A continuing student may not register in a course offered within the Faculty of Science unless a grade of at least C- has been obtained in each prerequisite taken unless otherwise outlined in the University Calendar course descriptions. It is the responsibility of students to ensure that they meet all prerequisite requirements.

Students transferring from other provinces and outside the country will be required to have a transfer assessment made by the University of Calgary Admissions Office prior to registering for their courses.

Diagnostic Test Schedule

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Test Dates

May 8, 2014  11:00 MS 317
May 12, 2014  11:00 MS 317

Mathematics Diagnostic Test

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Students who do not have the required 70% in Math 30-1 or Pure Math 30, as prerequisite for first year linear algebra and calculus courses, may be eligible to meet this prerequisite requirement by obtaining a 70% on the Mathematics Diagnostic Test. This test is designed to assess general problem solving skills from High School mathematics in the areas of algebra, geometry and trigonometry. Questions have been selected which provide a high degree of correlation between success on the Diagnostic and success in first year mathematics.

First-Year Prerequisite Alternatives

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Students who wish to enroll in courses in the Faculty of Science -- and specifically for courses offered in the Department of Mathematics and Statistics -- should consult the University Calendar and the course description for relevant prerequisite requirements.  Those who lack the stated prerequisites for first year courses should refer to the C.1 of the current calendar for information on acceptable prerequisite equivalent(s) or