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The Department of Mathematics and Statistics offers courses leading to the undergraduate degrees of BSc in General Mathematics (GMTH); and BSc, BSc (Honours) in the fields of Actuarial Science (ACSC) , Applied Mathematics (AMAT) , Pure Mathematics (PMAT) , and Statistics (STAT) . Students contemplating continuing to Graduate Studies should concentrate their efforts within an honours field. The General Mathematics major is suitable for students whose pursuits end in a broad-based mathematical undergraduate degree. Students frequently combine the General Mathematics program with some other major or minor program (e.g. Computer Science, Economics, etc.) or with the Masters of Teaching program.

All undergraduate admissions are handled through the Recruitment and Admissions Office of the University of Calgary.

Programs in the Department of Mathematics and Statistics are governed by a combination of general Faculty of Science regulations and the additional program specific regulations of the Department. It is essential for students to be familiar with both sets of regulations. Consult the Degree Navigator and University Calendar periodically to ensure that all requirements are being met.

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