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Department of Mathematics & Statistics

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New Student Guide

Student Welcome

Mathematics and Statistics form the backbone of Science. Everything from chemistry to physics to biology and beyond depends upon the mathematical and statistical work we teach and are developing within the Department. As a student in the Department of Mathematics and Statistics, you gain entry into the inner workings of almost everything around you. And it's not just Science. Mathematics and Statistics are vital to the smooth operation of the economy, businesses, and markets. Math ensure the secure transfer of money within our economy, the safe dispensing of medication, the accuracy of satellite positioning in orbit, and the efficiency of the communication networks those satellites support. Math is integral to the proper functioning of modern society. 

We want to welcome you into the part you have to play in the central role math plays in our everyday life. As a Department, we endeavour to do what we can to inspire and encourage our students' success. As part of that responsibility, and in hopes of making your transition to life on campus as smooth as possible, we have gathered the information on this page to assist you. 

New Student Checklist

It is important that you be as prepared as possible for your studies at the University of Calgary. To that end, please ensure that you have completed the following activities:

Before you Arrive

  • Be sure to check that you have access to the Student Centre at If you have difficulties accessing the system, please consult with IT at
  • Ensure that you have a email address. You should use your ucalgary email address for all university contact. Spam filters at other email providers sometimes interfere with University email.
  • Use the Student Centre at  to register for courses. The dates for your registration period will appear in the Student Centre. To ensure the best access to courses, register for classes as early as possible.
  • Be aware of fees and deadlines. For more information, visit Enrolment Services at

When you Arrive

  • Visit the Department. The Department is located on the 4th floor of Math Sciences. If you need a map, visit
  • Book a tour. If you need to know your way around campus, a tour can be arranged through the Registrar's Office. Please visit to book a tour.
  • Ensure you know where and when all of your classes are. Use the Student Centre to obtain a timetable of classes.