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Research Interests

NameResearch AreasResearch Interests
Photograph of Davoud Abdi Davoud Abdi Combinatorics, Geometry and Logic, GeneralCombinatorics, Geometry and Logic: Combinatorics
General: Set theory
Photograph of Matthew AdamsMatthew AdamsIndustrial Mathematics, AnalysisIndustrial Mathematics: PDE-Based Image Processing, Image Processing, Numerical Methods
Analysis: Fractional Calculus
Photograph of Ben AggarwalaBen AggarwalaGeneralContinuum Mechanics, HIV/AIDS, Population Biology, Ordinary and Partial Differential Equations
Photograph of Mohammed AiffaMohammed AiffaGeneralNumerical analysis
Photograph of Rohana AmbagaspitiyaRohana AmbagaspitiyaGeneralRenewal Risk Processes
Photograph of MohanaGowri ArumugamMohanaGowri ArumugamActuarial ScienceActuarial Analysis, Actuarial Science
Photograph of Alexandru BadescuAlexandru BadescuActuarial Science, Mathematical FinanceActuarial Science: Actuarial Science
Mathematical Finance: Financial mathematics
Photograph of Larry BatesLarry BatesGeneralMy research interests are in the general areas of global Analysis and Differential Geometry, and more specifically in applications of modern analysis to questions in Hamiltonian mechanics and Differential Geometry, Reduction theory, We are continuing the study of Hamiltonian systems with nonholonomic constraints.
Photograph of Kristine BauerKristine BauerGeneral, Topology and Algebraic GeometryGeneral: Homological algebra
Topology and Algebraic Geometry: Calculus of functors, Algebraic topology and homotopy theory
Photograph of Mark BauerMark BauerNumber Theory, CryptographyNumber Theory: Computational Number Theory, Diophantine equations (polynomial-exponential equations and the use of restricted irrationality measures), Algebraic Number Theory
Cryptography: Function fields and their applications in cryptography
Photograph of Karoly BezdekKaroly BezdekCombinatorics, Geometry and Logic, General, Computational Discrete GeometryCombinatorics, Geometry and Logic: Hyperbolic and Spherical Geometry, Differential Geometry, Combinatorial Geometry
General: Geometric Analysis and Rigidity, Convexity
Computational Discrete Geometry: Discrete Geometry
Photograph of Paul BindingPaul BindingGeneralMinimum energy problems for musculoskeletal models., Eigenvalue problems of an unusual type, e.g. containing several parameters, or of indefinite type; sample problems include oscillation of eigenfunctions, variational principles and asymptotics., Differential equations of an unusual type, e.g. containing discontinuous or set-valued right hand sides, with application to control theory
Photograph of Ted BisztriczkyTed BisztriczkyComputational Discrete Geometry, GeneralComputational Discrete Geometry: Hyperplane Separations, Transversals, Erdos-Szekeres Type Problems, Discrete Geometry
General: Development of convex d-polytopes whose facial structure is determined by a total ordering of vertices
Photograph of Len BosLen BosGeneralWeighted splines and minimum norm networks, Markovs inequality on sets with cusps and its relation to other phenomenon such as Sobolev-type inequalities and the extension of C (infinity) functions, Tangential Markov/Bernstein inequalities on manifolds
Photograph of Elena BravermanElena BravermanGeneralLogistic equations, Delay equations of population dynamics, Equations with distributed delay, Impulsive equations, Delay differential equations
Photograph of B. BrenkenB. BrenkenGeneral, Analysis, Mathematical PhysicsGeneral: Operator Algebras, K-theory
Analysis: C*-dynamical systems, Functional analysis, Topological directed graphs, C*-algebras
Mathematical Physics: Completely positive maps
Photograph of Alex BrudnyiAlex BrudnyiGeneralMaximal ideals of the space of bounded analytic functions and matrix-valued corona theorem, Limit cycles and the distribution of zeros of families of analytic functions, Fundamental groups of compact Kahler manifolds, Local inequalities for holomorphic and plurisubharmonic functions
Photograph of Murray BurkeMurray BurkeGeneralSurvival analysis and randomly censored data, Application of bootstrap techniques to approximate unknown limit distributions, Asymptotic theory for goodness-of-fit-type statistics, Tests for semi-parametric models
Photograph of Michael CaversMichael CaversAlgebra, General, Combinatorics, Geometry and LogicAlgebra: Linear Algebra
General: Mathematical Geophysics, Mathematics Education, Markov Chain Monte Carlo and Related Simulation Methods, Discrete Mathematics, Graph theory
Combinatorics, Geometry and Logic: Combinatorics
Photograph of Gemai ChenGemai ChenMathematical Finance, General, StatisticsMathematical Finance: Financial & Economic model building and forecasting
General: Quality Control, Sample survey, Emperical process, Goodness of fit, Extreme-value analysis, Non-linear time series modelling of environmental changes, Parametric & Non-parametric regression, High dimensional data analysis, survival analysis
Statistics: Statistical consulting
Photograph of John CollinsJohn CollinsGeneralMinimax asymptotic variance theory, Robust estimation theory for location, scale and regression models, Global bounds on asymptotic bias and gross errors sensitivity
Photograph of W.E. CouchW.E. CouchGeneral, General RelativityGeneral: Laplace sequence, Integrable Systems, Abelian and non-abelian lattices
General Relativity: Black holes, Cosmology, Gravitational Radiation, Integrable Subsystems
Photograph of Clifton CunninghamClifton CunninghamTopology and Algebraic Geometry, Number TheoryTopology and Algebraic Geometry: Algebraic and Arithmetic Geometry
Number Theory: Langlands Programme
Photograph of Hatef DastourHatef DastourGeneralNumerical solution of partial differential equations, Inverse modeling & Indudstrial applications(particularly, oil reservoir simulation), Inverse Problems
Photograph of Rob DeardonRob DeardonStatistics, General, BioStatisticsStatistics: Experimental Design, Ecological Statistics, Statistical Learning
General: Modelling Biological Systems, Bayesian Statistics and Computation, Markov Chain Monte Carlo and Related Simulation Methods
BioStatistics: Biostatistics, Infectious disease epidemiology, Bioinformatics, Disease Surveillance
Photograph of Alexander de LeonAlexander de LeonGeneralPseudo- and composite likelihood methods, Mixed effects models, Joint models, Copula models, Estimating functions and estimating equations, Methods for correlated data, Models for mixed discrete and continuous outcomes, Statistical problems in medicine, Assessment of diagnostic tests
Photograph of Peter EhlersPeter EhlersCombinatorics, Geometry and Logic, GeneralCombinatorics, Geometry and Logic: Stochastic geometry problems and applications to stereology.
General: Functional data analysis methods applied to human gait.
Photograph of Ernest EnnsErnest EnnsGeneralDecision theory: investigation of optimal strategies in sequential decision problems extended to multiple players and the problem is reformulated in terms of game theory, Stochastic geometry; distributions of the lengths of random secants and rays in n-dimensional convex regions generated in one region and terminating in another;, Operations research
Photograph of Ebrahim GhaderpourEbrahim GhaderpourAlgebra, General, StatisticsAlgebra: Linear Algebra
General: Time Series, Spectral methods of numerical analysis
Statistics: Statistics
Photograph of Mark GirardMark GirardQuantum Information ScienceQuantum Information, Quantum Entanglement
Photograph of Gilad GourGilad GourQuantum Information ScienceQuantum Information Science, Foundations of Quantum Mechanics
Photograph of Richard GuyRichard GuyNumber Theory, Combinatorics, Geometry and Logic, GeneralNumber Theory: Number Theory
Combinatorics, Geometry and Logic: Combinatorial Geometry, Enumerative Combinatorics, Combinatorial Games
General: Graph theory
Photograph of Ryan HamiltonRyan HamiltonGeneralOperator Algebras
Photograph of Heather HardemanHeather HardemanStatistics, Analysis, ApplicationsStatistics: Machine Learning
Analysis: Analysis and Partial Differential Equations
Applications: Mathematics of wave propagation and seismic imaging
Photograph of Keivan Hassani MonfaredKeivan Hassani MonfaredGeneral, Combinatorics, Geometry and Logic, Applications, AlgebraGeneral: Algebraic Graph Theory, Inverse Problems, Combinatorial Matrix Theory, Eigenvalue Problems, Graph theory
Combinatorics, Geometry and Logic: Combinatorics
Applications: Dynamical Systems, Inverse Eigenvalue Problems
Algebra: Linear Algebra
Photograph of Ilia IlmerIlia IlmerAnalysisAnalysis and Partial Differential Equations
Photograph of William JohnsonWilliam JohnsonGeneral, Analysis, Mathematical PhysicsGeneral: Operator Algebras
Analysis: C*-algebras, Difference equations, dynamical systems
Mathematical Physics: Mathematical physics
Photograph of Karen KopciukKaren KopciukGeneralStatistical genetics, Multi-state models, Survival analysis
Photograph of Claude LaflammeClaude LaflammeGeneralTheory of homogeneous structures, Graph theory, Set theory, e-Learning systems
Photograph of Michael LamoureuxMichael LamoureuxAnalysis, ApplicationsAnalysis: Noncommutative Geometry, Non-self-adjoint operator algebras, C*-algebras, Functional analysis, C*-dynamical systems
Applications: Mathematics of wave propagation and seismic imaging, Numerical PDEs, Numerical methods and applications to geophysics
Photograph of Peter LancasterPeter LancasterGeneralThe solution of linear and nonlinear equations in matrices and operators., Diverse problems of linear algebra and its applications, perturbation theory, The analysis of numerical methods relevant to spectral and factorization problems for matrix and operator functions stimulated by problems in the theory of vibrations, systems theory and control
Photograph of Su Min LeemSu Min LeemCryptography, Number TheoryCryptography: Elliptic and Hyperelliptic Curve Cryptography., Function fields and their applications in cryptography
Number Theory: Algorithmic Number Theory
Photograph of Qihe LiangQihe LiangIndustrial Mathematics, GeneralIndustrial Mathematics: Mathematical Optimization
General: Scientific parallel computing and high-performance linear algebra
Photograph of Wenyuan LiaoWenyuan LiaoApplications, General, Industrial MathematicsApplications: Numerical methods and applications to geophysics
General: Seismic Inversion & Applications, High Performance Computing and Scientific Computation, Numerical Methods for PDE, Inverse modeling & Indudstrial applications(particularly, oil reservoir simulation)
Industrial Mathematics: Computational Methods for Inverse Problem, Mathematical modelling and the application of mathematics, especially perturbation and numerical methods, to industrial problems
Photograph of Joseph LingJoseph LingComputational Discrete GeometryDiscrete Geometry
Photograph of Xuewen LuXuewen LuGeneral, Statistics, BioStatisticsGeneral: Survival analysis and randomly censored data, Generalized linear/additive models and mixed models, Reliability Theory, Empirical likelihood
Statistics: Data reduction and single-index models, Data mining and statistical computing, Big data and high-dimensional data analysis, Semiparametric and Nonparametric Statistics
BioStatistics: Biostatistics
Photograph of Claudia MahlerClaudia MahlerGeneral, Applied Probability and Applied Statistics, StatisticsGeneral: Goodness of fit, Regression/Logistic regression models
Applied Probability and Applied Statistics: Applications of Statistics
Statistics: Structural Equation Modeling
Photograph of W. Keith NicholsonW. Keith NicholsonGeneral, AlgebraGeneral: Noncommutative rings, especially classes of exchange rings, Study of clean rings and their relationship to unit regular and stable rings
Algebra: Stable and unit-regular modules, Morphic and quasi-morphic rings
Photograph of Miloslav NosalMiloslav NosalStatistics, General, Applied Probability and Applied StatisticsStatistics: Statistical computing, Statistical consulting
General: Environmental statistics
Applied Probability and Applied Statistics: Applications of Statistics
Photograph of Mike PawliukMike PawliukGeneral, Computational Discrete Geometry, Topology and Algebraic GeometryGeneral: Ramsey theory, Set theory
Computational Discrete Geometry: Extremal Graph Theory
Topology and Algebraic Geometry: Amenability
Photograph of Gyanendra PokharelGyanendra PokharelBioStatistics, Statistics, GeneralBioStatistics: Infectious disease epidemiology, Incomplete Data
Statistics: Bayesian inference, Statistical Learning
General: Bayesian Statistics and Computation, Markov Chain Monte Carlo and Related Simulation Methods, Biostatistics, Bayesian statistics and its applications
Photograph of Chao QiuChao QiuApplied Probability and Applied StatisticsActuarial Statistics
Photograph of Jinniao QiuJinniao QiuApplied Probability and Applied Statistics, Actuarial Science, General, Mathematical Finance, AnalysisApplied Probability and Applied Statistics: Applied Probability Models
Actuarial Science: Actuarial Science
General: Quasilinear and Fully Nonlinear Partial Differential Equations, Operations research, Stochastic Calculus
Mathematical Finance: Portfolio Optimization, Mathematical finance, Stochastic Optimal Control
Analysis: Analysis and Partial Differential Equations
Photograph of Cristian RiosCristian RiosGeneral, AnalysisGeneral: Degenerate Elliptic Equations, Quasilinear and Fully Nonlinear Partial Differential Equations, Evolutionary Equations, Monge-Ampere Equations
Analysis: Analysis and Partial Differential Equations
Photograph of Bill SandsBill SandsGeneralEdge colouring in graphs, Cutsets and fibres in partial orders, Enumeration in partial orders and lattices
Photograph of Norbert SauerNorbert SauerGeneralSet theory, Graph theory, Ramsey theory, Universal algebra, Theory of homogeneous structures, Partially ordered sets, Relational structures
Photograph of Jonathan SchaerJonathan SchaerGeneralCovers for curves, Global properties of closed curves and surfaces
Photograph of Renate ScheidlerRenate ScheidlerNumber Theory, GeneralNumber Theory: Algorithmic Number Theory
General: Mathematical Cryptology
Photograph of David ScollnikDavid ScollnikActuarial Science, General, Mathematical FinanceActuarial Science: Actuarial Science
General: Markov Chain Monte Carlo and Related Simulation Methods, Bayesian Statistics and Computation
Mathematical Finance: Mathematical finance
Photograph of Karen SeyffarthKaren SeyffarthCombinatorics, Geometry and LogicCombinatorics and Graph Theory
Photograph of Hua ShenHua ShenStatistics, BioStatistics, GeneralStatistics: Statistical Learning, Causal Inference, Statistical consulting
BioStatistics: Analysis of Recurrent Events, Longitudinal Data Analysis, Incomplete Data, Latent Variables, Surival Analysis, Mixture Models
General: Generalized Linear Models
Photograph of Jedrzej SniatyckiJedrzej SniatyckiMathematical PhysicsGeometric quantization, Symplectic geometry, Differential Spaces, Hamiltonian mechanics, Non-holonomic constraints, Yang-Mills theory, Multisymplectic systems
Photograph of Mike StoneMike StoneGeneral, Combinatorics, Geometry and LogicGeneral: Discrete Mathematics, Mathematics Education, Identities in Transformation Monoids, Endomorphisms
Combinatorics, Geometry and Logic: Geometry
Photograph of Bingrui (Cindy) SunBingrui (Cindy) SunStatisticsScholarship of Teaching and Learning
Photograph of Anatoliy SwishchukAnatoliy SwishchukMathematical Financefinancial mathematics; biomathematics; random evolutions and their applications; stochastic calculus
Photograph of Ha TranHa TranNumber Theory, Cryptography, GeneralNumber Theory: Algorithmic Number Theory, Algebraic Number Theory
Cryptography: Cryptography
General: Coding Theory
Photograph of Geoff VooysGeoff VooysTopology and Algebraic Geometry, Number Theory, GeneralTopology and Algebraic Geometry: Algebraic and Arithmetic Geometry, Noncommutative Algebraic Geometry
Number Theory: Langlands Programme
General: Category Theory and Topos Theory, Homological algebra
Photograph of Antony WareAntony WareGeneral, Mathematical FinanceGeneral: Biomedical applications of mathematics, Numerical analysis, Wavelets, Numerical solution of unsteady convection-diffusion problems
Mathematical Finance: Computational finance
Photograph of Wenning WeiWenning WeiMathematical Finance, GeneralMathematical Finance: Mathematical finance, Stochastic Optimal Control
General: Probability Theory, Stochastic Calculus
Photograph of Hugh WilliamsHugh WilliamsGeneral, Number TheoryGeneral: Hardware devices
Number Theory: Computational Number Theory
Photograph of Robert WoodrowRobert WoodrowGeneralOrdered sets and applications, Theory of Relations (a branch of model theory in mathematical logic, and its applications to combinatorics), The profile of a relational structure and the spectra of ages, Chromatic number problems and Ramsey properties, Homogeneous structures and their applications to infinite group actions
Photograph of Jingjing WuJingjing WuGeneral, BioStatisticsGeneral: Minimum distance estimation, Non/semi-parametric models, Genomics, Regression/Logistic regression models, Mixture models, Case-control studies, Empirical Bayes analysis, Efficiency and robustness, Survival analysis
BioStatistics: Biostatistics
Photograph of Ying YanYing YanBioStatistics, StatisticsBioStatistics: Survival and Event History Analysis, Longitudinal Data Analysis, Epidemiology, Statistical Genetics, Precision Medicine
Statistics: Causal Inference, Measurement Error and Missing Data, Functional Data Analysis, High-Dimensional Data Analysis, Machine Learning
Photograph of Yuriy ZinchenkoYuriy ZinchenkoCombinatorics, Geometry and Logic, GeneralCombinatorics, Geometry and Logic: Mathematical programming with applications to computational geometry
General: Applications to medicine and healthcare, optimal radiation therapy design, Scientific parallel computing and high-performance linear algebra, Operations research, optimization algorithms and software
Photograph of Peter ZvengrowskiPeter ZvengrowskiGeneralGraph theory, map colourings, Topology of 3-manifolds, Differential topology, the span of smooth manifolds, Function theory, Theoretical physics, relativistic kink theory
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