University of Calgary

Renate Scheidler

  • Professor
  • Graduate Program Director

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Research Interests

Postdoctoral Fellows

Ha Tranh (expected August 2016)
Felix Fontein (2009-2010)
Qingquan Wu (2008-2010)
Pieter Rozenhart (2009)
Eric Landquist (2009)
Stephane Lemieux (2004-2006)
Roger Patterson (2004-2006)

Graduate Students

Sumin Leem, PhD, Mathematics (expected 2019)
Hongyuan Wang, MSc, Mathematics (expected 2016)
Perlas Caranay, PhD, Mathematics, Calgary (expected 2016)
Monireh Rezai Rad, PhD, Mathematics, Calgary (expected 2016)
Colin Weir, PhD, Mathematics, Calgary 2013
Vanessa Dixon, MSc, Mathematics, Calgary 2011
Adrian Tang, PhD, Mathematics, Calgary, 2011
Perlas Caranay, MSc, Mathematics, Calgary, 2009
Pieter Rozenhart, PhD, Mathematics, Calgary, 2009
Eric Landquist, PhD, Mathematics, University of Illinois 2008
Manisha Parmar, MSc, Computer Science, Calgary 2008
Qingquan Wu, PhD, Mathematics, University of Illinois 2007
Karel Bergmann, MSc, Computer Science, Calgary 2007
Taysia Krivoruchko, MSc, Computer Science, Calgary 2007
Nick Sullivan, MSc, Mathematics, Calgary 2007
Daniel Weimer, Diplom, Mathematics, Technical University of Darmstadt 2004
Richard Cannings, MSc, Mathematics & Computer Science, Calgary 2004
Brendan Oseen, MSc, Mathematics, Calgary 2003

Undergraduate Students

Boonyarit (Ken) Intiyot, BSc Honors, Mathematics, University of Delaware, 1998


MATH 211 Linear Methods I
CPSC 313 Introduction to Computability
PMAT 315 Abstract Algebra I
PMAT 329 Introduction to Cryptography
MATH 401 Topics in Cryptography
CPSC 413 Design and Analysis of Algorithms I
CPSC/PMAT 418 Introduction to Cryptography
CPSC 429 Applied Cryptography
PMAT 429 Cryptography - Design and Analysis of Cryptosystems
PMAT 503.04 Modern Cryptography and Cryptanalysis
PMAT 529/649 Advnaced Cryptography and Cryptanalysis
CPSC/PMAT 629 Elliptic Curves and Cryptography
CPSC/PMAT 669 Cryptography



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