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Department of Mathematics & Statistics

MS 476, Math Sciences Building
University of Calgary
2500 University Dr NW
Calgary, AB T2N 1N4 Canada
T. 403.220.6299



General Information

In addition, the Department has the following guidelines:

Graduate Supervisory Policy of the Department of Mathematics and Statistics

Effective: June 16, 2010

Criteria for Approval to Supervise:

All faculty members who want to supervise graduate students should submit their CV to the Graduate Coordinator. The Coordinator will forward the CV with the appropriate Recommendation for Graduate Supervision form to the Associate Dean (Graduate Studies).

To be approved for graduate student supervisory status, a faculty member should:

  • hold a PhD degree (or equivalent);
  • have demonstrated competence in research through an appropriate publication record;
  • provide an appropriate research environment for trainees and be able to dedicate the necessary time to graduate education.

 Categories of Faculty Members:

  1. Faculty members hired into the professorial stream are expected to supervise graduate students. Consequently, a candidate’s suitability for supervising graduate students should be vetted during the selection process. Therefore, all faculty members in the professorial stream satisfying the above stated three conditions will be nominated for unconditional supervision of both Master’s and PhD students.
  2. Faculty members in the instructor stream are not expected to supervise graduate students. However, conditions may arise in which an instructor is willing to supervise a graduate student and such a supervision is beneficial to the student. The Graduate Committee of the Division in which the student is registered will consider requests for the instructor graduate supervision on as-needed, student-by-student basis. The above stated three criteria must be met for graduate student supervisory status and an appropriate case needs to be made to the Associate Dean.
  3. Other University appointees such as those with adjunct, emeritus and visiting status are not precluded from graduate student supervision. In fact, in the case that they receive research funding based partly on their status at this University, they are expected to support our graduate program, and this includes supervision. The above stated three criteria must be met, and  an appropriate case needs to be made to the Associate Dean. Since the Adjunct and Visiting faculty are not permanent residents in the Department of Mathematics and Statistics, they will normally be appointed as co-supervisors with a resident faculty member.
  4. Any other cases will be evaluated by Graduate Committees of the Department on a student-by-student basis.


Normally, it is expected that a given faculty member would supervise no more than 5 graduate students.