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General Resources

The following links will provide you with the information you require to successfully navigate your degree, as well as prepare for the eventual necessities of grad school (like getting paid!). Remember that although it is the responsibility of all graduate students to manage their own programs, the Graduate Program Director and Graduate Program Administrator are available to provide assistance. Feel free to contact the Department's Graduate Office at

General Information

For official rules and policies regarding graduate studies at the University of Calgary, please consult the Graduate Calendar. We advise you to check this resource regularly for revisions.

A wealth of information can be found on the Faculty of Graduate Studies website. This includes resources for  prospective  as well as current students, and information on scholarships and  professional development

International students seeking information specific to their needs and situation, particularly for information on study permits, work permits and similar questions should consult the International Student Handbook.

For dates and information regarding the beginning and end of term, please consult the Academic Schedule. The Academic Schedule will include information on major university closures for national holidays, as well as key deadlines for course registration and program changes.

Fees and Payment

All graduate students are expected to pay fees. The Fees and Payment Plan Options webpage provides a breakdown of those fees to keep you informed of where your fees go within the University. The webpage also provides links to the fee payment plan. Payment Plan applications require the approval of the Graduate Program Director and must meet deadlines prior to the date fees are due. If you wish to pay your fees via online banking, please consult the registrar's webpage regarding account numbers.

In order to be paid by the University of Calgary for any reason (TAships, scholarships, etc.), you must submit Banking Information for Direct Deposit. Once you submit this information, provided it does not change, the University is able to process payments from all sources without completing additional forms.

Leaves of Absence

Extended Leaves

Students may apply for an extended leave of absence for a variety of reasons, including bereavement, care-giving responsibilities, maternity, medical requirements, military service, parental responsibilities, and political service.

Short Leaves

Graduate students may apply for short leaves from campus to attend academic conferences or see to personal matters by filling in an  Application for Absence from Campus Form . Approvals from your supervisor, instructors for whom you are providing service as a Graduate Assistant, and the Graduate Director must be obtained in advance of the planned absence. If you are a Graduate Assistant you must arrange to have your teaching/grading duties covered by another qualified Graduate Assistant from the department, and the instructor of the course must be aware of and agree to these arrangements.

Writing Your Thesis

Please refer to the Thesis webpage provided by FGS when you are writing your thesis.

Thanks to our doctoral student Mark Girard for having developed a thesis template in Latex format.  You are welcome to download it.