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Speaks at the AMS Fall Eastern Sectional Meeting, Courant Institute and the York University.

Muhammad Ali Khan, a Vanier and Killam Scholar and PhD candidate at CCDG, was recently elected as a co-chair of the Canadian Mathematical Society Student Committee. 

Melanie Foerster and Haotian Song give talks in the Student Research Presentation session organized by Muhammad Khan - all three from CCDG. 

CCDG member also serves on the GSA's newly formed Mental Health and Wellness Committee. 

Welcome to the University of Calgary's Centre for Computational & Discrete Geometry (CCDG), an academic research centre housed within the Department of Mathematics & Statistics and supported by the Canada Research Chairs Program, Canada Foundation for Innovation, Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada, Faculty of Science and the Department of Mathematics and Statistics. 

Online First

Title: Packing Convex Bodies by Cylinders

Authors: Károly Bezdek (U of C) and Alexander E. Litvak (U of A)

Journal: Discrete and Computational Geometry 


Abstract: In Bezdek and Litvak (J Geom Anal 19:233–243, 2009) in relation to the unsolved Bang’s plank problem (Proc Am Math Soc 2:990–993, 1951) we obtained a lower bound for the sum of relevant measures of cylinders covering a given d-dimensional convex body. In this paper we provide the packing counterpart of these estimates. We also extend bounds to the case of r-fold covering and packing and show a packing analog of Falconer’s results (Math Proc Camb Philos Soc 87:81–96, 1980). 

Best and random approximation of convex bodies by polytopes (Winter 2016 Fejes Tóth Lecture)

Prof. Elisabeth Werner (Case Western Reserve University, Cleveland)

Friday, April 8, 2016 - 2:00pm to 3:00pm

MS 217

The Winter 2016 Fejes Tóth Lecture will be delivered by Prof. Elisabeth Werner (Case Western Reserve University, Cleveland).